The Scrap City

Drew Weidman

Drew Weidman

The Composer of Kansas

Is Anybody Home?

Hailing from Olathe, Kansas, Drew always had a fascination for all types of creative endeavors. It wasn't until the age of 11 that he had his musical beginnings by convincing his parents to buy a cheaply priced electric bass from a yard sale. From there, Drew became enthralled by music. He began taking bass lessons in a small music shop located in a lackluster strip mall just off I-35.

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I Pass Places By, Just Like the Wind

As his fascination with music grew in time, so too did his desire to perform and write in a variety of musical genres. After being accepted to the University of Kansas for the Fall of 2014, Drew began his pursuit of undergraduate studies in Sociology, and Music Theory. During his attendance at the University of Kansas, Drew produced a variety of works; in musical, literary, and dramatic capacities. 

Unlawful Sounds

From the years of 2014 - 2017, Drew produced two sound collage albums, wrote and premiered the musical score and script of a full length melodramatic play (titled 'Memo 8xr16s'), composed multiple symphonic/chamber works in the neo-classical style, conducted original undergraduate research, and wrote multiple works of literary fiction; two novellas and a collection of short stories. Since graduation in May of 2017, Drew has continued to engage with sound art, composition, and literary writing.

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