The Scrap City

Marc Price

The Standard-Bearer

Richmond, Indiana is a typical Midwestern city: No one outside of it gives a shit about it.


We don’t mean to drag this rust belt town deeper into the pit of despair than it already is. It has many problems that the rest of the wasteland has: opiates, unemployment, under educated, blah blah blah. That describes the entire Midwest.

Like the Midwest, no one outside of it gives a shit about it.

Marc disagrees. Marc thinks Richmond is beautiful.

He knows it has problems. He acknowledges that sometimes it digs it claws into his heart and makes him want to abandon it - but he doesn’t. He doesn’t because he believes in the people of Richmond. It’s always the people. After spending time living out of Richmond, he moved back to become an educator and play the long game.

Want to improve a community in the long term, step up it’s education. Marc is in the trenches of that fight. He sees every damn day the pain that a broken town can do to its people. It tears him apart at times, makes it hard to breathe. He stills finds a way to fight this fight. Just like most Teachers. Teachers are very important, you’ll never hear any different from Scrap City. What sets Marc apart is - he saw the need for a short game. The town needs a rally point. A shared identity. As weird as it sounds - a Flag.


Disclaimer: Scrap City knows this is some next level nerd shit. No question about it BUT it’s interesting. Learning keeps you living so stick with us for a bit on this.

In the world of vexillolography (the art of designing flags) there are five basic principles according to Good Flag, Bad Flag  by Ted Kaye and the North American Vexillological Association: keep it simple, use meaningful symbolism, use two or three basic colors, no lettering or seals, be distinctive or be related. Look to cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, or Wichita. Those cities unite under their flag, take pride in their cities, rep their city. It’s fucking amazing. A good flag can bring folks together, just like a bad flag will be ignored and leave a city without visual representation.


The current flag of Richmond is a fucking travesty. Just fucking awful. It doesn’t meet any of the basic designs listed above. Not a single damn one. Not sure who designed it but the City of Richmond has it up on their wiki page so we’re going to drag the shit out of it. Marc drags the shit out of it. Think about this thing on a flag pole. Think about looking up at it and just seeing a mess of a seal with a red splotch. It’s the opposite of simple, zero symbolism, junk colors that would upset any artists, all the letters and a shit seal, no distinction whatsoever. That random star on the right is the location of Richmond - reminder - no one gives a shit about Richmond or where it’s at. This has government/business written all over it.

Back to Marc

Marc sees this shit flag as an opportunity. A good purposeful flag in Richmond could be it’s rally point as a representation of a shared identity - it’s people. He set out to design a flag that represented Richmond by representing it’s people. Below is what’s being called the Price-Britt Design. Marc Price is the primary drive and designer. He was supported by Andrew Britt with some graphic work and brainstorming. He’s a good dude.

Let’s dig into the meaning of this flag:

  • White Stripe: Represents National Road US 40. It splits the town right in half, east to west. Hard to go a day in Richmond without seeing this road.

  • Blue Stripe: Represents the Whitewater River. That river splits the town in half north to south through a gorge. The damn water supply, historically and now.

  • The Color Red: Education. The town is home to the Richmond Red Devils, IU East Red Wolves, Earlham Quakers, Seton Cardinals. All use a version of Red in their school colors. Remember, Marc is an educator. That’s why it takes up half the flag.

  • Three Stars: Three townships make up the city - Wayne, Boston, and Center.

  • Biggest Star: Represents Wayne Township because it’s the largest.

  • Star Shape: The Quaker Star. The area was settled by Quakers in 1806 and Earlham College was established by Quakers.

  • Stars on Blue: The Stars on a blue background is a subtle tribute to the Indiana Flag.

Peep that shit. All that meaning slammed into a beautiful simple rectangle. No words. No Seal. No nonsense. Most importantly in Marc’s eyes is that it represents the people of the town. It’s not an advertisement for outsiders. It’s his rally point. It’s something he believes the people of Richmond can rally behind. It’s a flag that Marc believes that everyone in town can look at and see something of themselves in. As kids roll out of town into the world it’s something they can take with them and share - bring back with them when they’re ready to join his fight for this town.

This is what it is about. Marc represents what Scrap City believes in - The people of this wasteland are what matters. The weird and odd folk that go out of their way to do something positive, to stake their claim in this flyover of a pit, and make it better.

These people may not be changing the world but they’re changing our world.

Marc is the Standard-Bearer.

Make it happen

We want to help Marc make his rally point a reality - The right way or wrong way.

The right way means petitioning the city to adopt this as the official flag. Make a spectacle of it. Spread it’s meaning. Support murals being painted of it. All that shit.

The wrong way means the people taking the flag and spreading it. Don’t give the city a choice but to adopt it. Put this motherfucker everywhere in Richmond. Share it on Social Media.

Coming Soon - In our store we’ll have stickers and flags for sale (profits will be shared between Marc and Scrap City: We would like to continue what we’re doing and Marc needs money - he’s a teacher.) If you email us we’ll sell the ai. design on the cheap so you can print it yourself or have them printed. Whatever you want.

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