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Nerd from Pennsylvania


Some nerd from Indiana. But also Pennsylvania writes:

When my friends come over to my house they are always feeding my dogs snacks of human food not intended for dog consumption. How do I get them to stop? I love my dingdoggeronies and I don’t want them to die from doghood obesity. Thanks!

Listen here, nerd. There is such a thing called paying tribute. You come to my domain, where I put time and effort to get my wonderful scent on everything and where I lick myself and you muddy up the waters with your stranger stank, best be ready to pay tribute.

That being barked, keep in mind we’re dogs. We gone eat all the deliciousness that’s provided. Humans need to get their shit together and understand that it’s not always a good thing. Some nerd over at petMD (check it here) makes some good points regarding human food leading to shit behavior. I concur, you have nuggets and ain’t sharing you best understand I’m putting you in the corner and eating your nuggs. While making eye contact. Then I’m going to lick myself… while maintaining eye contact. She also gets emotional about overall dog health and even stating that when dogs that only eat dog food have overall better body comp. Not to mention, if I’m getting sausages all the time I’m not going to appreciate science diet.

Now, to the writer, think ahead. You know your friends aren’t going to read this shit. You know they’re going to sneak your angel babies some snacks - be prepared. Set treats out for them to give the babes. If that fails, I understand from experience, that a change in tone will set them right. Or, put them humans outside. Because fuck’em.

Live Fast, Pet Dogs.