The Scrap City


Midwest Wasteland

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Scrap City is where you’ll find all the weird, strange, and most importantly, amazing work that unconventional folk are doing in these twelve states of seemingly nothing.

Scrap City is for the hooligans that don’t quite fit the conventional idea of what is Midwestern. A place for those that grew up in broken homes, have rusted dreams, and battered hope but take life head on, punch it in the teeth, and are making something out of it in their own way.

Live Fast, Pet Dogs.



Jason Clark

Dude with Ideas. Moronic Ideas. Ideas Nonetheless.


Kaly Reichter

The Blonde. Fueled by Anxiety. Hell Yeah, I’m a Good Designer.


Andrew Britt

Depressed. Disillusioned. Determined. Just Another Kid from Richmond, Indiana


Sarah Miller

Caffeine Dependent Life-Form. Avid Tolkien Fan. Please Don’t Raise Your Voice, I Will Cry.


Ashlee Brown

Thirty-Nine Stray Cats in a Jean Jacket. Could Do Better. Could. 


Daniel Arthur

Photos, Videos, One Half of a Bachelors.